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MashaAllah this is so different from what I normally hear from you. Maulana this is so soothing and beautiful, the emotion you have recited with and the subject you have recited about go perfectly together. Really makes one think and adding your lovely children to the Nasheed WOW WOW WOW had me in tears an amazing Nasheed production from the beginning to end all. MashaAllah!!!!! 10/10.
Halima Hasan

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I began crying when it got to when he said parents will one day be gone. Alhamdulillah I have both parents and can't imagine what life would be like without them. If you have both or one parent alive, please serve them and make Dua for them. Abu Hurayrah RadiAllahuAnhu loved his mother so much he made Dua "Allah, forgive those who ask for mercy to be on Abu Hurayrah and his mother" he made this Dua to encourage Muslims to make Dua for his mother. Subhanallah. May Allah have mercy on Abu Hurayrah and his mother. Allah teaches us a Dua to make for our parents
Khalid Bham